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What are Drop Cards?

I was on a webinar last night where some people talked about drop cards , i thought that this was a fab idea so  what are Drop Cards? i hear you ask.

Drop cards look like real money! People will pick up your droimages card thinking they found cash.

Curious, they will find your message promoting your business.

Drop cards are the most effective way to promote your business or event offline.  It is a great tool for marketing, lead generation, and increased sales for your business.

Have you ever been given cash money at the bank or found a note on the ground? s you can re-create that feeling of receiving fresh, crisp notes  for anyone. Discover the top 6 ways to use Drop cards to build your business

Drop cards are just like business cards except they have your marketing message and information such as phone number or website link. At first you might find this a little strange or even cheesy. But if you use them in the right way you can find yourself recruiting 1 to 2 Reps Per Week.

If you are going to be placing these drop cards everywhere it is recommended not to have your phone number on card. This is because you will soon find yourself having to deal with a lot of people calling up to complain.

What you want on the card is a link to a website where they can get more information. Make sure you have a good headline on the card encouraging them to visit your website.

Top 6 ways to use drop cards

1. On a plane

if you can get on the plane as soon as possible and place drop cards in the flight magazines on the back of every seat. The great thing with long boring flights is people will be looking for something to do. They can check out your drop card.

2. In Bookstores like water stones  and Libraries

Go to a book store and place drop cards in the books your target market will most probably be reading. Remember this can also be done at libraries as well.

3. Waiting Rooms

A good location for business cards in Waiting rooms. Hair salons for example always have magazines. Take your drop cards and place them in the magazines and newspapers.

4. Restaurants

once you have finished your meal include a drop card with your tip. There are a lot of restaurant owners and staff who would be interested in making a little extra money. You will need to tailor the copywriting on the drop card to fit.

5. Newspaper Stands

pulling out all of the newspapers and slip your drop card in them. Obviously it is recommended to place the card in the appropriate newspaper. For example place a drop card in a financial newspaper if your opportunity is make money online.

6 Teach this tactic to your team.

It is important for your team to be able to replicate what you are doing. So you need to train your team to get the same results as you.

To create your drop cards you can do a search locally to find people who will print the drop cards. This is a very effective method for getting more reps / consultants into your business

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