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Understand the basics in Facebook for Marketing

A lot of people are interested in using Facebook for marketing, but because they don’t understand the basics,

First it’s important that you come across sincere to your prospects when using Facebook for Direct sales marketing. Do you look like a spammer or someone who is desperate to make a sale? If you do it can hurt your online presence if you are looking to build your brand or business online. Facebook is a social network not a “spamming” network and most people in business especially in the Direct sales  business  forget this or don’t fully understand what spamming is on Facebook.

People are under the impression that if I just post my ads and link a flood of people will visit my website and join me. For those of us that have been around awhile, we know this will not work, and it will put people off from you just as if you were in an offline environment.

Using Facebook for marketing can be an incredible way to reach your target market and connect with them in a greater way. However, there are three as I like to call them “important laws” of Facebook that you never want to violate when using Facebook for marketing.

1. When using Facebook for marketing, NEVER post links on other people’s walls!

This is probably the most offensive thing for me personally. I love to connect with people, I love making a new friend, but when I get people who post a link to their opportunity website, or some other pitch thing on my wall before I get to know them, it really annoys me. I associate this to going to a party, walking in the front door and walking up to the first person you see and pitching them on your business before you have the opportunity to get to know them.

What would you do if someone did that to you at a party? You would be uncomfortable and you would probably not want to be around that person much would you? This is what happens every day when people are using Facebook for marketing but doing it the wrong way.

When you make a new friend, the first thing you should do is to introduce yourself, and start the conversation. That’s it! Through conversation there are questions you can ask to find out where they are in their business. The main thing is never pitch your business or product when first connecting with someone. This is an amateur mistake that many make when first starting out on Facebook.

2 when using Facebook for marketing NEVER post links in private messages unless given the exclusive permission to do so!

While this is very similar to what I shared above, sending a private message to someone with a link is just as intrusive if you are not given the permission to do so before hand. When I am conversing back and forth with someone on Facebook, if through conversation I determine that my product or service will benefit them, I always ask for their permission first, before sending the link to them.

Even when I do get the permission from them, this does not give me permission to now go to their wall and post the link also. There is always a level of respect that must be shown to your prospect every time you interact with that person. It’s respect and they will respect you.

So the point here is, always get permission from the person before sending them a link of any kind. This not only shows them you respect their inbox, it showcases you as a true professional and instantly separates you from the rest of the spammy crowd.

3 when using Facebook for marketing always keep your activities value based!

So what do I mean by value based?

Everything you do, whether it’s share a blog post, post a link in your own news feed, or share content of any sort, keep it relevant and make sure it can provide some value to the person reading it. By doing this you will be looked at as a trusted source and you will literally attract people to you. This is the way professionals do it when using Facebook for marketing.

You must understand that people are on Facebook for one reason, TO SOCIALIZE! Therefore you must respect that, and make sure you don’t cross the boundaries and be a nuisance to people. You can have your website links in your profile in a tasteful manner. You don’t want to overdo it as it can also turn people off.

The key is really to provide major value and in your Facebook friends eyes you will be the go to person when they have a problem they need solved and when that happens you can recommend your products and services.

Direct Sales is a relationship business, it’s not a “Post my link everywhere” type of business. You actually have to nurture relationships with people, and in turn that will lead to business.

There is no shortcut when using Facebook for marketing; you just have to get the knowledge needed to make it work for you.

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