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True Perfection Perfecting Day Moisturiser 30871

80 % of girls around the world believe their skin
is affected by their lifestyle– and they’re right.
Stress, lack of sleep, an unbalanced diet & polluting ofthe environment cause
hazardous cellular impurities to build up inside skin cells and
lead to irregular skin tones, lack of radiance and irregular skin
texture with 1st expression lines.
Our researchers have discovered the secret to perfect skin,.
regardless of a hectic lifestyle. Persian Silk Tree extract is.
rich in amino acids and minerals, this effective natural active.
helps create best skin.
Innovative complex with.
pearls that scattered light.
across the skin, making.
your skin look instantly.
Neutralises cellular.
impurities within skin.
cells, evening out skin.
tone, polishing texture.
and enhancing radiance.

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