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It is not only the home needing a spring clean but also the body. Come in balance and cleanse your body with a detox, and meet the spring with a new healthy spirit!
Personal trainer Hannah Andersson, who runs the blog Fashionablefit at Metro Fashion, inspire us with their workouts and healthy lifestyle. We asked Hannah to share their best tips that will give you more energy and a real health boost for spring.

How do I prepare for a detox?
– First, I think it is important that you do it because you just want to clean the body of toxins and give it a kick start. The purpose of a Detox is a quickfix to weight loss. Decide what kind of detox, you want to do, there are a few different variations – only juices, juices, and a balanced blend of rawfoods. You can also make a simple spring cleaning where you bet on eating clean nutrient dense and free of hard refined foods and sugar. Prepare yourself for a trip that focuses on cleansing the body and nurture it with high quality nutrition that will give you more energy and vitality. In extreme detox regimens, you should avoid strenuous exercise.


Are there any side effects of doing a detox?
– A detox can be a big adjustment for the body which can cause different types of side effects. Some know of some headaches and fatigue at the start of the cleanup. This goes over and you know how quickly your body appreciates all the nutrition dense food you boost it with.

What can I eat to get more energy?
– Personally, I advocate snack. I’m betting on 4-6 meals a day. The snack I avoid dips during the day and my blood sugar curve feels balanced. Raw food bars, nuts, rice cakes, gluten-free frökex, vegetable sticks with nut butters or hummus is perfect.

Is there anything more I can do to maximize the effect?
​​- Be open and responsive. A detox can give you a whole new outlook on your body and the food you choose to boost it with. Although a detox is a temporary cure, I would urge you to see the benefits of see food as nourishment. Let it be a kick start to a more sustainable health.

How do I preserve t70600351-1867901333-IMGinText2he effect of a detox?
– Investing to eat as clean as much as possible. Overdose with green! Drink green drinks a few times a week. Drink green tea and herbal tea a few times a day and drink plenty of water. Some of the routines that you have during your detox are things you could go with the latter as well. Find a good balance and try to leave the “all or nothing” way of thinking behind. Strive for a holistic approach to sustainable results.

Exfoliate your body to streamline the elimination, and give the skin a beautiful, healthy glow. Scrub in circulating movements from the bottom up toward the heart. Moisturize with soothing oils that soothe your senses.

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