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Things I Love about being an Oriflame Manager

17139_271097411658_273738_nBeing an oriflame Leader has many perks; working from home has got to be the main one for me – being around my family and  my two daughters which were both born very premature.

When working for my last employer, childcare costs would eat almost 85% of my salary but the most expensive thing of all was the amount of hours I lost seeing my two beautiful little girls.

I also love the freedom of how much flexibility being your own boss gives you – just being able to work the hours I choose and to change them if needed makes my job as a dad so much easier.

If my daughter is ill I can now be there, if my daughter is going on a school trip I can go with her, or even if I just want to spend some quality time with my family and have lunch with my beautiful wife  I can .

Finally but not least – I love the diversity of people I work with each day. I have been so lucky to meet so many wonderful people who are now a part of my Oriflame team. Each day is always different from the last, you can guarantee that you will be meeting more new people and seeing lots of new places along your way.


Things I Have Learned

Even though I am working from home there were plenty of times in the beginning where my partner felt like I never really came home – it can be too easy to just keep picking up your laptop, or answering your phone during non-working hours.

I learnt very quickly that working from home requires a routine of when you’re going to work and when you’re not – and when you say you’re not working you must really stop, even if you’re enjoying your work as much as I do.

Ordering enough Oriflame Catalogues and appointments requires knowing what your plans are. I have a four  week work forecast, this includes my appointments already booked and my recruiting activities I have planned – this really helps me

The final thing I have learnt is that Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither will my business. I started out with such ambition winning the DSA award and becoming  one of the top Oriflame earners in the UK, but I soon discovered that I must cut myself some slack and that the quality of the time spent with my team outweighs spending less time with more people.

Where I see myself

Having a plan has kept me constantly moving forward and this plan hasn’t changed since the day I decided to become an Oriflame Leader – to earn a full time income during part time hours which are worked around my family.

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