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Oriflame’s global beauty director Jonas Wramell shares his  ultimate tips to achieve seductive lips and lashes over the season.
“Your choice of makeup, show who you are, so the key to achieving a seductive party look is to choose colors that you feel comfortable in,” says Jonas Wramell.

Dramatic lashes
A rod to bow your lashes a must have if you want beautiful, feminine lashes. To achieve the best results, you should according to Jonas let your  rod gently squeeze the lashes from root to tip. ‘This technique has the advantage that the lashes are left soft and curved, and it lasts all night’, continues beauty director.

‘The secret of perfect curved lashes is to apply several coats of mascara volume rewarding, “explains Jonas. ‘Start with getting mascara on the inner lashes in the direction of the nose. When you reach the middle of the lashes applied your mascara in an upward motion to lift the lashes and give them more length. Finish by giving the outer lashes a game mascara towards your temples. This technique will make your eyes look bigger and fresher ‘, concludes Jonas Wramell.

The genius of lipstick is that it in no time can change a look. To achieve the most seductive lips to Christmas many parties, please record the 56400250-1712800369-SmudgeBlips natural outline with a lip pencil that has the same shade as your lipstick. Then you connect lipstick on lips with a brush.

If you are not accustomed to using colorful lipstick, Jonas suggests that you dabs lipstick on the lips by using your fingers. It will provide a more transparent and less powerful result. For those who want a more intense look, he recommends using a brush. Start from the corner of your mouth and go to the center. When you reach the middle, stop and start from the other mouth.



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