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Recruiting is an easy thing to do

direct sales recruiting is an easy thing to do. That’s right I said EASY! Yet why is it that so many people struggle and over complicate the process of signing someone up into their direct sales  business? As human beings we are always over complicating the simple things in life but it seems like especially with direct sales people go a little bit nuttier.

I sometimes think that people look at direct sales as the hardest thing in the world over any other occupation out there. I know that I certainly used to have that mentality, and until I started to shift my mindset and learn how to consistently take action, nothing was happening for me.

direct sales recruiting is simple if you follow some easy steps to keep you motivated, focused and on the right path for  success.
Easy Direct Sales  Recruiting Tactics
1. Pick a simple strategy that works for you, and keep doing it over and over.

Sounds pretty obvious right? Well surprisingly I see more and more  marketers try and come up with some fancy method or funnel to get leads and signups automatically with no human interaction. If you have signed someone up from cold calling, KEEP DOING THAT until you’re at an income where you can start testing out other  methods. If you did a lot of direct sales recruiting from facebook prospecting, KEEP DOING THAT over and over. If you signed someone from warm market or face to face marketing, KEEP DOING THAT.
The minute something works for us or we start to get interest by prospects in our direct sales  company, for some reason the masses immediately wants to switch to something else that’s “not as hard.” Our business is SO simple, if you want to be a master at direct sales recruiting and teach others to do the same, you’ve got to KISS, keep it simple stupid 😉 .
2. If You’re direct sales  Recruiting Equals ZERO, Your Mindset is Off Balance

If you’ve recruited someone into your direct sales company already, then you know the process and have gone through the steps to know how the action is repeated over and over. If you’ve been in your company more than a couple of months and STILL haven’t recruited a single person, then I guarantee you it’s not what you’re saying to people, it’s how you’re saying it. Your mindset and attitude about your business I would argue is 99% of your success.

If you’re not approaching people with a mindset of “I’m building this thing into a multi million pound  business,” then why would people join you?
In your direct sales  recruiting, are you being the type of person you’d want to recruit?

Chances are you’re not if you still haven’t signed anyone up. Don’t worry if you haven’t! It’s OK! It’s all a learning process. I didn’t sign anyone up until I was in the business for a full five months!! Anyone else probably would have quit but I didn’t give myself a way out and that’s the major difference between successful and unsuccessful entrepreneurs.
3. Do You Have Daily Action Goals?

Being an entrepreneur is completely different from being an employee. When you’re an employee you have a boss over your shoulder telling you when to get things done and saying that you have to do the work. An entrepreneur’s only boss is yourself so you’ve got to motivate yourself enough to do the work at hand.

If you make a daily action plan (I make a to do list every morning) consisting of how much content you want to produce for your list/team, how many calls you want to make per day, how many presentations you want to get out per day, direct sales  recruiting will become a breeze and you’ll find yourself getting things done in 1/4th of the time. I also recommend writing down the times you want to get things done by.

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