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Online Parties – How to Have A Successful Oriflame Online Party

indexSo you’ve heard a lot of talk about online parties, but the questions you have are how do they work and how well will you do? Online parties are a great way to bring together a group of friends, family or customers to learn more about the products that you sell. The host will still receive all of the hostess benefits received at a typical party, the only difference is that the party will be taking place at a chat room online. It’s also a great green alternative and budget friendly for both the representative and the hostess. Read on to see how you can start hosting one today!

Ten Benefits of Having an Online Party vs. a Home Party
Why you should consider having an online party!

1. No prep work for the hostess! Cleaning the house for all of the guests is not top priority as everyone will logging in online.

2. No need to worry about serving food and beverages as everyone will be bringing their own with them to their computer!

3. It’s easier to get a large group of people together. As we all know it can sometimes be challenging to get together a large group of your friends. But with a simple click of the mouse you can get a large number of your friends together in a chat for your party!

4. You can be in your PJ’s with your glass of wine at the online party and no one will ever know what you were wearing to the party. Kick back, relax, and shop away (or sell away!)

5. Online parties are a green alternative to the traditional party as no one will be driving to the party.

6. There’s less paperwork involved as customers/party guests can order directly from the constants website home page .

7. No organizing the product and sorting through the orders that the guests purchased (and tracking down your friends, as typically the guests will get the orders shipped directly to them!)

8. All of your friends from across the country can attend your party!

9. More games to play! Being online there will be plenty of opportunities to create new games. This includes asking questions which guests have to search on the consultants  webpage for, everyone loves winning FREE things!

10. There’s absolutely no clean up! The only thing you will have to do as a host is shut down your computer.

Why Party Hosts Love Online Parties
Reasons why hostesses and hosts are flocking to online alternatives for direct sales parties!

Based on all of the reasons above, it is typically easier to recruit new hosts for a party, due to the minimal amount of work on the host’s end, and the benefits of receiving full host (or hostess) credits towards their order. It is recommended that before hosting your first online party, you attend a few by other consultants , maybe even from other companies, to get an idea of how they run their parties, what kind of games they play and what type of specials they offer to party goers.

Online parties also tend to be less “salesy” for the party goers. If you aren’t there in person, it’s easier for attendees to avoid your sales pitch. This is great for the party goers, but maybe more difficult for those that are used to selling primarily adraft_lens5297772module40099662photo_1245031845build_customer_excitement_for_your_online_partyt home parties.

Ways to Get Customers Motivated and Excited About Your Online Party Event
Building participation and anticipation for your fun and informative online parties!

Getting customers excited about the party in the first place is one of the key aspects of online parties. To get your current customers interested, there are several things you can do that will build excitement and anticipation.

1. You can offer a “host” gift for hosting a party online. Again, everyone loves FREE!

2. You can hold monthly online parties for all of your current customers, friends and family. Encourage your customers to also bring along their friends and family to this event-and for all purchases made by their friends/family allow them to earn a host credits. This can be viewed as a party within a party. As a representative you can have multiple parties going on at the same time, so be sure that you are tracking the orders placed accordingly so that the correct host will receive the credit. This will also have a time benefit for the representative as you will be able to reach a larger group of people in a set amount of time.

3. Hold new product parties where you introduce all of the new products which have been released, to your current customer base. This will give your customers the opportunity to come along and ask any questions they may have.

Advertising Your Online Party and Encouraging New Guests
Get more people to attend your sales party!

The most critical thing to remember when having an online party is to advertise it as much as possible. If this is a party which you have a host for, set up an evite which will send automated reminders to the guests. Stay in constant contact with the host to remind them of the incentives for the night, specials giveaways if applicable and even the posting of the event on their facebook, myspace, twitter or any other social networking account the host may have. If this is a party for your customers, friends and family you will want to take several steps to make sure you have a successful party.

1. Include the party link in your current newsletter and ask for an RSVP.

2. Post the party on your own social networking page-facebook, myspace, twitter, etc. You will need to publicize the party as much as possible to get the best turnout! Most party sites will not advertise for you so be sure to advertise wherever possible.

3. Advertise the specials of the night and the various prizes which will be given during the contest.

4. Encourage current customers to bring along friends!

5. Consider splitting the party with a representative from a non-competing company. They will invite their customer base and do their own advertising-opening the both of you up to a completely different group of people, doubling the amount of party goers

 What i do !
I go on Facebook and create an event and invite everyone I have as friends.
I explain the time that I will be selling products from online What they have to do
I remind people about the event 24 hours before.
When the event starts I thank everyone for coming on my business Facebook page
After about ½ hour I start a game this game is usually looking on the website to find an anagram or something on the webpage

The first person to comment gets a prize, this is usually £2.00 off their purchase or something along those lines I would usually then play another game about an hour later.
When the party time is up I would Thank everyone for attending and supporting me and my business
I would then select someone to receive the Hostess Gift or Offer
It is totally up to you how long you run the event for and it is a good way to be able to see what kind of reach that you get. Obviously if you do not get the best response I would try
something different the next time, BUT DON’T GIVE UP. Advise people who you meet that you are able to do online parties and also your email database can be contacted to let them
know about your event. If does not have to all be done over Facebook you could also do it in a chat room that will allow you to do so.

Here are a few tips to help you with your Online Party
Try and do your online party when you are launching a New Product, Holiday Offers, Bulk Offers (if you buy a mascara you get a foundation for FREE)
Add a Mystery Hostess section in your online party, randomly select someone who attends to be your Mystery Hostess and be able to get the benefits Repeat your website homepage , ordering instructions, and incentives several times during the party and for any late arrivals. Make sure guests understand shipping charges and expected shipping date. If you are keeping the party open for several days or longer after the online party, make sure your clients understand that and know when they can expect to receive their products And finally, as with anything we do in our  business

Keep in touch with everyone who came, ordered, played games, or just “hung out” for a little while. If they were interested enough to come visit, they are interested enough to become a Consultant.


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