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My jaw dropped

My jaw dropped when I heard a friend of mine and how he sponsored 184 new Consultants into his business in just 48 hrs.
Can you even imagine something like that?
Well, you know, if you look at your business from the perspective of only…friends & family, prospecting at shopping centre, networking and cold calling…yes…it might seem flat out impossible.
BUT…when you realize the incredible POWER and LEVERAGE of the INTERNET and of building your very OWN LIST of prospects…
…the reality of exploding your business like that starts to become feasible.
Understand… Direct Sales is still, and always will be, a business of RELATIONSHIPS.
The more relationships you can create, the bigger you can build your network, the more leverage you have to build your business.
As you build your list, you are making new relationships.
You must now foster and nurture these relationships. It’s your job now to build trust with your prospects and position yourself as the leader you truly are.
You see, this individual who sponsored 184 people in 48 hrs…this is EXACTLY what he did to sponsor this many people in such a short period of time.
For the last 3 months he focused on building his list.
He developed relationships with his list by providing value and communicating on a regular basis.
After 3 months he had built a solid list, a network of well over 10,000 people.
He was introduced to an opportunity So what does he do?
He seizes the opportunity.
He sends one email to his network of 10,000 prospects that he spent the last 3 months building and developing.
He invites them to one conference call.
And he signs up 184 new consultants in just 48 hrs.

Impressive? Sure. Magic? Not really.

Just a simple game plan. A solid business building strategy that makes him a Top Producer and true leader and mentor in this industry

Do you have what it takes to do the same thing?
Of course you do.
The strategy and training where I teach You is the EXACT strategy and training that this guy uses. In fact, it’s the EXACT strategy ALL top earners use.
It’s simple really. You just have to stick to the game plan. Remain consistent and keep your eyes on that prize.
If you want to work with me and find out the EXACT strategy please contact me.

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