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Smile and be yourself! These are just a few of the clinical psychologist and author, Diana Kirschner best tips on how to find love. Read the full interview here.
Be yourself, use shades of red, smile and do not be afraid of eye contact. These are just a few of Diana Kirschner tips on how to find love in just 90 days.

The driving force behind Diana Kirschner profession as a clinical psychologist started since childhood. Diana grew up in an immigrant family with a father who only værdatte her brothers. In the shadow of his brothers began Diana studying the relationships between people in an attempt to find the most important connection between people – namely love. More precisely, the love of himself. Her study resulted in the fact that she met the love of his life. Now her mission to help others.

‘I want to help others find love – just as I have done. It has always been my heart’s desire. ‘

And they did it for her! Kirschner has helped thousands of people find love. Her book ‘Love 90 days’ became an instant hit when it was released in 2010. According to her, the winning strategy to love that show multiple aspects of yourself.

“You have to show the world several facets of yourself. Facets, you never knew existed. To show more and ukender sides of yourself, you have to find yourself using the Diamond Self-method and imagine yourself in your most attractive I am, “says Kirschner.

women like Queen Latifah and Beyonce uses this method. Queen Latifah was born Dana Elaine Owens, but through Diamond Self-method she has found her inner women, Queen Latifah. When Beyoncé be on stage she conjures her alter ego Sasha Fierce, who is brave, strong and sexy. Sasha Fierce is an A bit example the internal attractive I am.

It is only the few of us who need an alter ego, Sasha Fierce which, as we go on stage in front of millions of people. But to find her attractive I am no less relevant to us than the world’s biggest stars.

Many make use of online dating trying to find love. Diana Kirschner also has tips on how to find love.

“The good thing about online dating is that you meet many more people online than you would otherwise do – and you learn a lot about an individual by reading the person’s profile. More than you might otherwise learn about one you meet at a party. A are also pitfalls associated with online dating. Disadvantages are that it can be overwhelming, confusing and it is not those who use online dating are honest. Therefore, it is important to know what to look for when reviewing online dating profiles, “says Diana.

“When you are looking for love online, it is important to have a strong social network that can honestly tell you how to get the optimum out of your online dating and do not choose the wrong ones. Takes time, but it’s not impossible. It is also a good idea to date different types of people – and meet people you would normally write off, “said Diana.

The mistake people often make when they need to find love is that they are too fast for loved. They must give themselves time – and at least 90 days, completes Diana.

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