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How to Work Oriflame from Home

workathomeMany people are attracted to starting with Oriflame as the can work Oriflame from Home – maybe around a family, shift-work, part-time employment or other commitments.  Everyone’s reason for joining Oriflame and wanting to work Oriflame from home are different…which makes my role as a leader/recruiter exciting as I get to meet and help people from all backgrounds and walks of life.

Let me just take a few moments to explain how you can work Oriflame from Home and make it work for you!  If you are interested, fill out the form on my team website or give me a quick ring on 0800 112 3016 so I can either arrange to get you started or answer your questions.

Work Oriflame From Home – How to sell the products

There are many ways to sell Oriflame products and there is such a diverse range of products – from cosmetics, fragrance, baby & children’s products, jewellery, gifts and Oriflame for men.  Here are just 3 ways that you can sell the products (there are many more ways too)

1.  The Oriflame Catalogue –  people are familiar with the Oriflame Catalogue and this is our prime selling tool.  Many of us will have had an Oriflame Catalogue come through our door at home at some point.   You can gain orders by showing people you know the brochure and/or offering a service locally.

2.  The Oriflame Online Catalogue  – this is still a relatively new way of gaining orders as an Oriflame  Consultant   Every Oriflame  Consultant has their very own unique Oriflame Personal Online Brochure which means customers can browse and place orders direct with you online 24-7.  This service is COMPLETELY FREE for Oriflame Consultants to set up.  This means you can gather customers and orders from home.

3.  Have an Oriflame Party (or Get Together) – this is a really popular way of letting customers and potential customer’s trial and sees the products before placing an order.  It’s also a lot of fun and a great way to get to know the products as well as your customers.  We offer full training and support on how to hold an Oriflame Party.

The benefits when you Work Oriflame from Home

There are loads of benefits for working Oriflame from home – and I just want to share a few of the benefits that I personally get from doing this.

•    Able to work around my children – my twins were just a year old when I started to work Oriflame from home.

•   No rush-hour commutes to work stuck on the motorway.

•  Through hard work and following a plan, I am able to pay my half of the bills through my Oriflame earnings.

•  I have no boss (other than myself) so I don’t have to ask for time off!

•  I have made lots of new friends by working Oriflame from home.

•  I don’t have that “work-related” stress any more, I have time to juggle my work, life and me-time now on my own terms.

•   I have always wanted to work for myself – and this is a low cost-low risk way of doing this.

Most of all I love the freedom and choice that I have because I work Oriflame from Home.

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