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How to Build a Direct Sales Business regardless of Where You Live

Deciding to build a Direct Sales business is, for many would be distributors/ rep/ consultants, dependent on where they live. They would like to build a successful  business, but are concerned about how to effectively do it.

The deciding factor may be that they live in an area which is not considered a good target for building a direct sales business.

Maybe the area is populated with families that earn a very low income. Perhaps the area is sparsely populated and has a limited amount of prospects to talk to. Another possibility is that the population in the area had bad experiences with another direct sales company and is now sour on the idea.

Success in direct sales is not predicated on where you live.

Success in direct sales predicated on how good you are at networking with potential clients and business partners for your business.

Success in direct sales is also predicated on how good you are at marketing to those potential clients and business partners.

What this means is that no matter where you live, you can have success in direct sales!

Success in direct sales does Not Depend on Your Location

Too many distributors/reps / consultants use the place that they live as an excuse for failing to achieve success. They mistakenly believe that the location of their residence has something to do with how successful they can become in direct sales.

What’s interesting is that distributors use this excuse regardless of what type of market they live in.

This market is too small.

Distributors/ rep / consultant who live in markets with small populations complain that they cannot build the business in their area. They say they simply don’t have enough people to talk to about the products, services or business opportunity they offer through their direct sales company.

They claim that if they lived in an area with a bigger population, they could build their business successfully.

This market is too big.

Yet if you visit distributors / rep / consultants who live in areas with larger populations, they too complain that they can’t build a direct sales business in their area. They complain that because where they live has such a large population, people tend to be sceptical about business opportunities.

They believe that they just can’t find enough prospects willing to look at a business opportunity with an open mind. They claim that if they lived in an area with a smaller population, they could build the business.

This market is too low.

The income of the population in the area also serves as an excuse. Distributors/ Reps / consultants who live in low income areas complain that their prospects can’t afford the business opportunity.

This market is too high.

Distributors/ reps / consultants who live in high income areas complain that their prospects don’t need the business opportunity because they already make great incomes.

The cycle of excuses never ends!

The bottom line is it really doesn’t matter where you build your business. There are distributors / reps / consultants who have built huge businesses in third world nations where the average household earns £300 to £500 a month.

There are distributors who have built huge businesses in wealthy areas as well and have several distributors / reps / consultants in their teams who already earn six and seven figure incomes outside of direct sales.

Your area is only an excuse holding you back from building a successful business.

The Information Age and the Internet Break Your Business Boundaries

The wonderful thing about living in the information age is that you don’t have to build your direct sales business in your area if you really don’t want to. Using the power of the internet, you can find prospects in any area that you wish.

Stop using your area as an excuse for why you can’t build your direct sales business. Either make a commitment to build the business in your area, or find an area where you feel more comfortable building and then use the power of the internet to build there. Never let small excuses cheat you out of big opportunities.

How do you use the Internet to build your Direct Sales business?

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