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Help on and why blogging Tips

iconos_sobre_cabeza1. Don’t fight with technology. I did not know how to setup a blog so I just paid someone to do it for around £300. I wanted to learn everything about designing and making blogs so I studied on how to do it, hours and hours it took. looking back I would say that unless you have hours to learn how to  design and set up a blog just pay  for someone to get this done for you around £50 and its “good enough” until you start getting leads and sales and can afford to make it look better. Need some help ask me about setting up your blog.

2. Personal branding is key. “Blogging” is meant to be from a single source and good bloggers have a personality online. Make sure you use pictures of you and possibly your family and adventures. People don’t want to follow a clever company logo; they want to know a real human operates the blog. It has been said in direct sales that people don’t join companies, they join people. The problem that you have with this is old school direct sales will tell you that personal branding is not easily duplicated. True. But the truth is, most things are not easy to duplicate even if the concept sounds like it is. Why? Because us human beings are involved and unless someone is passionate about what they are doing, they are unlikely to do it.

3. Stop concentrating on “what you know” and instead look at the problems and needs of your target market. What do they struggle with, what do they get frustrated with, and what is their pain? Then, learn ways to help those problems. When it comes to writing blog content, MOST of my posts come from helping people in my team.

4. Another great way of writing blog content is to continually look at what you are learning and simply reteach it if suitable for those you are trying to attract to you. They can be tips and tricks you have learned in books, webinars, videos, etc.

At the end of the day we write blogs to make money by  giving value to our readers so we get leads or sales.  In order to get more, you have to give more, and by providing prospects free useful information I can attract them to me, develop a relationship and eventually they will sell themselves on my product or opportunity. This concept is called Magnetic Sponsoring

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