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Frosted winter look


For a unique, frosted winter look, drawing inspiration from the legendary Ice Queen: winter’s strong and stylish heroine.
Ice Queen stands for the essence of an icy winter with her enigmatic look in hues of blue, purple and shimmery white. Make use of these basic colors to create a fresh and wintry look.

The foundation for this look is a flawless complexion so make sure your complexion is dull and smooth by using a loose powder to get the perfect finish to keep from day to night.

Get to an eye makeup that provides a beautifully icy gaze, utilize a blue powder eye shadow if you want to get a soft look, or a deep, bold purple for a little more drama. Accentuate your eyes extra by highlighting lashes with a jet black mascara – you want to create volume that holds even when the temperature drops!

Finish with a light pink lipstick for the proper frosty effect and you are ready to face the cold winter. Now we just have to develop self-confidence and find your inner femme fatale – you are graceful and elegant, but also enigmatic!

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