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E collagen Advanced Protection Day Shield SPF30

Our skin needs to have sunscreen
safeguards every day– not just
when we go to the beach. Daily
direct exposure to damaging UVA and
UVB rays contributes to patchy
skin tone, wrinkles and other
signs of sun-induced ageing.
That’s why it’s essential to apply a.
day shield with high SPF rating.
for added security against.
long-term skin damage.
Ecollagen Advanced Defense.
Day Shield SPF 30 offers.
high SPF security and.
anti-ageing action– ideal.
for year round use and.
lightweight adequate to use.
below your makeup to keep.
your skin looking its best.E collagen Advanced Protection.
Day Shield SPF30 Ecollagen Day.
Shield combines advanced SPF.
protection and the revolutionary antiageing.
power of Pro-Collagen Peptide.
This ultra-light fluid helps to plump.
wrinkles from within as it guards skin.
against sun-induced ageing &.
aggressors. 30ml.

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