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Body language tips for a great interview

CaptureSo you have finally arranged the interview for your dream job and you don’t want to do anything to mess it up. Body language can be very important when making a first impression on someone. Here are a few important things to consider during an interview situation.

Good posture:
Leaning back is lazy or arrogant, leaning forward is aggressive and slouching is just lazy. Instead, experts say to aim for a neutral position, sitting tall as if a string were connecting your head to the ceiling

Eye Contact:
Hold eye contact one extra eyelash. We tend to feel uncomfortable holding eye contact once a personal connection has been created. Don’t stare, but try to hold your interviewers gaze for one extra second before breaking away. Do this especially when shaking hands.

Distracted or upward eye movements can suggest someone is lying or not sure of themselves. It’s important to look someone directly in the eye to convey confidence and certainty.

Hand Gestures:
Chopping or pointing motions can”cut up” the space between you and your interviewer in an aggressive way.

It’s important to appear approachable and open, so don’t try to control gestures by keeping your hands still. This is especially important when you begin to speak. Keeping your hands in your pockets or behind your back inhibits movement and makes you appear stiff.

Crossed Arms:
Arms crossed over your chest signal defensiveness and resistance. When they’re open at your sides you appear more approachable.

Nodding your head:
Sometimes we undermine how powerful or in focus we are by nodding like a bobble-head doll,” says Burnham, a habit that’s particularly common in women. “Nod once or twice with a smile of agreement. But find your still center and stay there.

Stop fidgeting! The nervous energy will distract the interviewer. You want him/her focused on what you have to say, not the coins jingling in your pocket or the hangnail on your finger.

Good luck and knock them dead, not literally of course!

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