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The addition that gives the stars and YOU a glowing skin and healthy body.
Beauty Freak that I am looking I ever new solutions without a huge effort to get me to both look and feel like a princess. Or, perhaps more, such as Beyoncé. Capsules of cod liver oil and Aloe Vera juice has slipped down hoping for a glowing skin and strong body. When I via The Daily Mail learned that both Gwyneth Paltrow and Heidi Klum eats supplement astaxanthin pricked me ears. This must be something really good?

Curious, I contacted Burčák Ulmer, Senior Nutritionist at Oriflame, and Åke Lignell, President & development and research manager at Astra Real, to find out how astaxanthin works and if it can boost both my external and internal only by that I take one tablet with my breakfast smoothie. Maybe too good to be true?

The first thing I want to know is what astaxanthin is and how does it affect my body.
“It’s called a carotenoid, a natural pigment found in the alga Haematococcus pluvialis’ , says Burčák. “This is what, among other things gives salmon its pink color.”

The algae are dried and crushed and turned into a powder that is encapsulated. The pigment in the algae is an effective antioxidant and does everything from providing UV protection to help fight free radicals in the cells. It inhibits muscle soreness and is so efficient that elite athletes are taking it so that they can more quickly return to training.

Ake Lignell answers the question of what astaxanthin can contribute to my skin, which is currently totally uninterested in all my attempts to shine. He tells us that lines and wrinkles reduced and the skin moisturized and becomes more elastic because collagen is strengthened. I feel immediately more positive!

Burčák explains that astaxanthin is a fat soluble substance that is best addressed in the context of eating. “For added effect, you can take it along with fish oil,” she advises.

A large salad is always a good way to get in the nutrition and tight inspiration for other than tomato and cucumber (yes), there are many good cookbooks with hearty salads!

Personally, I like to test all the vegetables and supplements available. In this case feels the benefits of astaxanthin is too good to ignore. And with that said, I welcome yet another pillbox home to my vitamin shelf – we’ll probably enjoy really good together!

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