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Active Recruiting vs Passive Recruiting

Your Recruiting activities are either active or passive.


Active Recruiting gives you complete control over how the activity is carried out. For example, going to a meeting is active. You control how often you attend; what type of gathering you go to; with whom you talk; how many people you talk with; and what you say.


Passive Recruiting examples include advertising, flyers or a website. You don’t control whether your information gets to its intended audience; if it is read; or if it generates a response. You can increase the effectiveness of passive prospecting, especially on the internet, but you are not in control of the activity.

To achieve the best results, engage in both active and passive Recruiting. Initially you might like to experiment with different strategies to find out what works best for you. Finding strategies you enjoy and focusing on using them is essential for the long-term success of your business.

Experience has shown that using two or three strategies consistently for a period of 12 months is an effective way to build your business.

You need to create a plan of Recruiting strategies. You need to schedule your activities according to:

  •  Time
  •  Budget
  •  Resources
  •  Abilities or special interests
  •  Target audience considerations

When you’ve decided which activities to pursue, put them on your calendar. Remember: preparation activities (preparing a seminar, writing your newsletter or time at the meeting) are “no-pay” activities.

If you are advertising or using the internet, a budget should accompany your prospecting calendar. Will there be labour, set-up or monthly fees or brochure costs? These elements all factor into your choice of Recruiting activities.

Do you have resources at hand, such as an available space for meetings?

Do you have special abilities, such as a professional certification, or a skill that will be useful in your Recruiting?

Are you focused on a specific niche of people?

All of these items need to be considered as you choose your on-going Recruiting strategies. What is certain: If you do not enjoy the activities you have chosen, you cannot be successful in the long-term! We all want to create a business that gives us at the least, satisfaction.

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