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A step-by-step guide to simple holiday makeup


A step-by-step guide to simple holiday makeup when you’re on the move.
On holiday we do not want to spend so much time standing in front of the mirror and make-us or lugging around a suitcase filled with beauty products. Opt for a few products that quickly and easily gives you a nice holiday makeup and a nice summer glow. Read our quick and easy guide that is guaranteed to keep you chic in the summer’s warm days. Get ready to shine!

1 Summer is the perfect time to recharge vitamin D and use less makeup – but unfortunately it also offers things that can affect your skin 72800273-1882300805-1negatively. Air conditioning, dry air and travel are some of the factors. Create a soft and dewy base with a light day cream and a BB cream with a high SPF. Make use of a large, soft blush brush to sweep a bronzer on your face, start at the jaw and further up towards the temple and forehead, apply also on the nose, chin, neck and chest. Make sure to clean your skin properly in the evening and let the skin recover with a nourishing night cream.

72800273-1882300802-22 NAILS

The last thing you want to do on your summer holiday is to paint on your nails every evening when the salt water, chlorine and sand are doing their best to ruin your manicure. Prepare a long-lasting nail polish and a protective top coat that makes your manicure last. Reapply top coat during the holidays and you can enjoy a perfect manicure entire holiday long.



This is a time of year when you can leave the eye shadows, lipsticks and lip pencils at home. Summer of holiday makeup is all about keeping it 72800273-1882300807-3simple. Make use of a shimmering bronzing powder to give the eyelids a little color – just like the models at Tommy Hilfiger viewing – and apply a volumising mascara and a liquid eyeliner that stays in place in the heat. This is everything you need to get into a stylish summer look . For the lips would a lip gloss to give your outfit a little extra glamor.

Expert Advice
Always carry a bottle of water wherever you go – hydration from the inside is the fastest and easiest way to boost your complexion! The brows frame the face and are especially important when you have a little makeup, invest in eyebrow kit to keep brows in place.


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