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You will have TRULY ARRIVED when you have haters!

i-love-hatersIf you build a home business or attempt to better yourself and better your situations at any point in your life, you will always and I mean always have people that won’t like it and try to pull you down
This is especially true when you build your business using the internet. For some reason people feel tougher and more empowered than ever to tell you off or give you their nasty venom.
There are two types of haters
I have seen people get started in their business and within the first 24 hours get a negative comment from a loved one or some other person and they are done before they even get started.
Because I am a guy who is all about being honest and tells it as it is, I have decided to show you in one whole post the type of negative crap that can come to me from people who email me personally.
The truth is, this last year has been the best year ever for my business, and this has been the biggest year for me for receiving emails and nasty unsubscribe messages than I have ever gotten in the past. Coincidence? NO! It’s called progress and the haters trying to pull you down.
Here are a few of the nasty emails and unsubscribes I have received from some of these people just to give you an example. I show you these because I want you to understand that to succeed you must not take these types of messages from people personally because they will knock you off the path if you let them.





You again might be asking yourself…. Why are you showing me this???
Because you need to know what will come your way when you try to better your life, and when you attempt to build a solid business, THAT’S WHY!

There are dream stealers all over the place, and unless you know what you to expect, it will shock you or even scare you and maybe take you out of the game all together!!
You must learn to understand and not take it personal when these people do what they do. Your dream must be bigger than these morons.
I don’t do it for any other reason but to help my fellow entrepreneurs build up a tolerance for this type of behaviour so when it comes their way, they know what to expect. These few examples give you a taste of what to expect.
On the other hand, I get amazing emails daily from people all the time that are very appreciative for me and my training and give me very positive emails and great encouragement as well. You must learn to take the good and push aside the bad.
This business is not always easy, but it’s worth it and I can guarantee you will be met with negatives along the way.
I am also including in this post a video from a panel of experts

imagesThe other form of haters is own personal haters
Today as I was browsing through Facebook I saw one of my Facebook Friends in the direct sales industry as I am.  They were posting about their own personal ‘haters’ which made me reflect on my haters.
Yes I have a few, some are public about their feelings towards me but they make no qualms about it.    Some are a little bit lower.  The ones who say “Oh I Love You” to my face but then turn around every chance they get to bash you secretly.
What I don’t understand is why there are some people who want to tell you everything your hater or secret hater says about you…  I’ve often wondered if those who ‘spill the beans’ are actually secret haters too.  I can’t figure out if they are just trying to protect me or to make me feel worse?
I’ll never know, but I went on an education experience to come to peace with my personal haters.
Here is what I found:  Some definitions of a Hater….
– A person that simply cannot be happy for another person’s success. So rather than be happy they make a point of exposing a flaw in that person.
– Overused word that people like to use just because someone else expresses a dislike for a certain individual.
– A person who feels anger and/or jealousy for someone who has succeeded in something they have worked hard for.
– A person who pretends to act happy for your successes then just talks behind your back.
Personally I already know who my haters are in my current situation in my life.  But as you rise and become a successful person in this industry or ANY industry for that matter you will come across your own personal haters.
DO NOT RUN AWAY and do NOT give in!
You will have TRULY ARRIVED when you have haters!

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